Glinki Mokre is a little settlement, mentioned in written records on circumstance of granting its rights by a Knight Warcisław V in 1364. Kurhans and remainings of fortification found in the area are evidence of much earlier human habitation. Here, since 1998, among traditional buildings of late XIX is located our ceramic workshop „Lepiglina". Our main focus is on traditional craftmanship in historical and archeological context. During our live shows of traditional pot making, basket weaving or yarn dyeing, we teach history to children and adults. Our work is based on scientific publications and research of archeological founds and iconography. Our academic background helps us see things in a broader context and keep critical approach to gathered data. In almost twenty years of dedication to our work we have developed unique craft of historical interpretation. In such a melting pot of passion, craft and science our replicas are born. They are bright proof of rich world that is gone and everyday life of our ancestors.